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SalesPond Team

SalesPond is a Sales and Marketing Services Provider. With hubs across the globe and experienced local staff we can provide support for your Sales and Marketing teams through a range of offerings including marketing campaigns, Lead Generation and Sales Development Reps for hire.
Our sister company Datalist can also provide custom built data within your target market.
Our teams use a blend of in-house-built and best-of-breed technology to ensure we stay ahead of the game. We like to work smarter, not harder.

SalesPond CISO Seal
SalesPond is proud to be the first sales company world-wide to have become CISO certified
(Certified Inside Sales Organization).

Management Team

Our Management Team is comprised of professionals from a range of backgrounds, who have worked their way to the top within the business.
For more information about the types of campaigns we run for our clients, contact us today.

  • Bora Kender

    Bora Kender

    CEO & Founder

  • Suzanna Tauber

    Suzanna Tauber

    GM Operations ANZ

  • Diane Maengkom

    Diane Maengkom

    Human Resources

  • Callum McCash

    Callum McCash

    Campaign Director ANZ

  • Masaru Sato

    Masaru Sato

    Campaign Director
    North Asia

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